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WP4-Animation, Impact and Dissemination

Leader: Anne Lemoine & Isabelle Thinon Participants & coll.: other COYOTES project participants.

This workpackage has three tasks.

  • Task 4.1: Animation and dissemination of the scientific research

To animate and federate the scientific team of this ANR project, we will organize several thematic workshops by WPs and/or Tasks and a full annual meeting. The partners of this project are committed to promote the results through dissemination of international scientific publications in open access and participations in congress. We propose to start the dissemination by a collaborative “state-of-the-art” synthesis and finish the project by a special volume publication highlighting the major COYOTES results. Moreover, we plan to build a portal website dedicated to this project (objectives and progress).

  • Task 4.2: Animation and dissemination of the public - education

At the end of the COYOTES project, we plan to communicate also through educational material including public seminars regarding the origin and implication of the seismic sequence. The format needs to be discussed with all the local and authorities stakeholders.

  • Task 4.3: Database

The data will be archived in the national databases and searchable online: for the geological data (e.g. InfoTerre, Geo-seas Websites) and seismological data (catalogs will be available in the French national database at RENASS, OBS and seismological waveform data will be archived on INSU/RESIF webservice). A special effort will be dedicated to transfer our results for supporting future seismic hazard studies. This work will be carried out by master students funded by the COYOTES project, supervised and assisted by two experts in seismic hazard.

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